Building Unity out of Diversity in Australian Schools

Multicultural education needs to challenge the notion that it serves cultural 'minorities', and to reject the dominant that is constructed as a 'majority'. Bill Cope, Mary Kalantzis & Scott Poynting argue that if it can go beyond a 'live and let live' pluralism, and set itself the goals of changing the 'mainstream', it will mean that cultural difference is effectively employed in securing equitable social access for all.

Reinventing the Language Barrier & Engineering the Migrant Underclass

'Celebrating' the 50th Anniversary of the Adult Migrant Education Program (now the Adult Migrant English Program), Robert Lewis examines the outcomes of the program in the context of recent reforms and concludes that it can no longer even hope to meet its stated goals. 

Education: Securing Australia's Future in Asia

Peter Kell

Asia, Australia & the Renovation of the Australian Mind

Where does Australia belong? In Europe? In America? Or in Asia? Peter Kell explains why it crucial that our schools and universities must make up their minds about this very important question.

Crime... Raggy Clothes... Factory Workers... & Rice

We all know that Europeans are different to the British; and that Americans are a different type again. But 'Asians' are... well, just 'Asian'. Michael Singh, Sharon Chirgwin, and Kirsten Elliott report on a classroom project which is designed to deconstruct these media stereotypes about 'Asianess'.

Linking Malaysia & Australia: Making Connections in Higher Education

Australia has always had strong links with Malaysia. In this article Ambigapathy Pandian examines these links in the field of education, specifically in relation to higher education, and charts some of the major trends and directions that are now taking place in this sector.

Karrayili: Adult Education in a Remote Australian Community

Being the Aboriginal principal of a remote Western Australian community poses a distinct set of challenges and problems. Tarungka Irene Jimbidie reflects on the past, present and future of the Karrayili Adult Education Centre at Fitzroy Crossing, W.A.

"Can't You Take a Joke!": Sexual Harassment at Work

Educational employers, be they departments, universities or schools, have a clear responsibility to ensure that their worksites are free from sexual harassment Val Marsden and Meredith Lane-Richardson outline key concepts for understanding the rights and responsibilities of employees and employers, both within educational worksites and in the wider community.

Opting Out: Lessons to be Learnt from the English and Welsh Experience.

The idea of school-based management for schools is a popular catchcry of conservative governments. In this article Richard Hatcher and Mike Cole report on the British Conservative Government's foray into major educational reform between 1988 and 1997.

"We Stay Lebanese Together": A Study in 'Protest' Masculinity.

With books on masculinity becoming a growth industry, boys' education established as a Problem, and yet another media panic about 'ethnic gangs' in Western Sydney, it is timely to listen to immigrant teenage boys themselves about their experiences of becoming men. In this article Scott Poynting, Greg Noble and Paul Tabar explore the formation of what may be described, following Bob Connell, as a kind of 'protest masculinity' among groups of young men who are subordinated by class relations and by racism, using data from a case study which investigates the perceptions and interactions of two groups of Lebanese immigrant youths in Western Sydney.

The Greening of Linguistics

Will the emergence of English as a global language put linguistic diversity at real risk? Jo Carr talks with David Crystal about the development of a green linguistics movement in the European Community.

"New" Labour, Old Policies: Tony Blair's "Vision" for Education in Britain

After twenty years of Conservative rule and Labour defeat, the British people have finally elected a 'New Labour' government with the accent on youth and an eye to the future. So will Tony Blair change the face of public education in Britain? Unfortunately not, say Mike Cole and Dave Hill.



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