Marketing Seminars
for School Staff


Linda Vining


Linda Vining conducts seminars to train every member of your staff to operate effectively in a competitive marketplace. Choose from the following seminars:

School Image and the Teacher/Parent Meeting

The teacher/parent meeting is a first class opportunity to affirm to your parents that they made the right choice when they selected your school. However, many parents come away feeling disappointed. This seminar trains teachers in relationship marketing so that staff leave a positive and professional image in the minds of the school's most valuable customers.

Customer Service Training for Front-Line Staff

You can talk about a caring, friendly school in your prospectus, advertisements and newsletters, but if the school does not live up to the rhetoric at the first point of contact, it can undermine its own promotion. Front-line people who deal with the public, on the phone and in the office, have a crucial role to play in setting the tone of the school, but they need special marketing skills and a customer focus to do the job well.

Marketing Your Open Day

Staging an effective Open Day is hard work for everyone, but if the benefits are understood and staff know how to capitalise on the opportunities presented, an Open Day can provide an unparalleled marketing tool to attract new enrolments and promote your school to your present parents and to the wider community.

School Promotion is a Team Effort

Every person in a school is an image ambassador, but different people have different PR roles. This seminar is designed is bring the whole team together - teachers, administrators and auxiliary staff. Each participant will identify the position s/he occupies in the marketing matrix and the PR functions that each person must perform in order to move families from prospects to clients and then on to loyal advocates.

Strategies to Attract New Enrolments

This seminar, designed for executive staff and members of the governing body, examines changing demographic patterns and their impact on your school, niche markets, your outreach material, advertising, managing the media and innovative marketing techniques to attract enrolments.

Fees and Further Information

The school seminars are designed to fit easily into a school's busy schedule. Seminar duration can be as long or as short as you wish and you can combine topics to suit you needs. More detailed information is available from the Centre for Marketing Schools on (02) 9683 6725.



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